Roger Anderson
Mark Stevenz
Rob Knight
Vic De Sousa
Danny Vernon
Dave Korotkov
Dino Macris

Eli Williams
Uptown 10
Uptown Hornz
Stereo Villain
Rann Berry and the Random Act
Always Abba
Rann Berry and The One Hit Wonder Show
Ultimate U2 Tribute
Fab Fourever
The Blackwood Quartet

Marty Edwards (Kenny Rogers)

Vic Vaga (Rod Stewart)

Michael Knight (Michael Jackson)

The Canadian Crooner (Ron Boudreau)

Aaron Halliday- Almost Alan (Alan Jackson)

Michael Fic (Diamond Jones)

Robert Larrabee "An Evening With the Legends"

Darla & Candy(The Judds)

Bonnie Kilroe - One Woman Show

Samira - Truly Tina

Philip Bauer - Johnny Cash

Wendy T - Dolly Parton

Dan Lauzon - Frank Sinatra

Judy Rowe - Patsy Cline

Dan Lauzon - Frank Sinatra
and James Farrauto Dean Martin

Marion Deaton
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