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Michael Knight began his fascination of Michael Jackson at the age of 14. He could not have known at that time that he would eventually do more than just imitate the late “King of Pop,” but instead step into his calling to carry on Jackson's legacy. The hours that he spent dissecting Jackson's concert and studio performances and the meticulou attention that he gave to perfectly copying them, was only the first part of his mission. He then began his focus on training his voice to find all of the pitches and iconic nuances that propelled M.J. to the top of more record charts than any other singing artist. Knight is now one of very few people who capture Michael Jackson's look, voice, and ability to move in such a manner that many people have stated their belief that Knight was touched by Michael Jackson as the one to carry on his legacy.

In April 2013, Knight was featured on the cover of Magic Image Magazine. He has been the featured guest on FOX’s Good Day Oregon. He was recently honored with a Humanitarian award from the Magic Image Hollywood Magazine. He was the Tribute World’s best kept secret; he’s now Pinnacle of Impersonation! While Knight is honored to perform in tribute to Jackson, his primary passion lies in the joy that he brings to people who, at times, need an emotional uplifting experience.