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Marion Deaton (Willie Nelson)
Marion was born in Monroe County, Arkansas. He was a high school athlete and football star. It was understood he would farm like his father and spend his adult life in Clarendon, Arkansas but when he graduated he asked for and got a drum set. He spent hours trying to reproduce the rhythms of the music he heard on the radio. While in university he found several other guys who liked music as much as he did. He ended up leaving school and going on the road as a pro drummer who also sang occasionally.
One night many years later, in a karaoke bar in Memphis Marion sang a Willie Nelson song. The response was wild and overwhelming! People kept saying how much he looked and sounded like Willie. He decided to pursue that and searched the country for the best pickers available and formed the Smooth Willie Band. They currently appear all over the globe performing with the respect one Road Warrior has for another.